Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow In Cornwall
A walk in the Snow at Night

Its late Monday night Tuesday morning I cant sleep, worrying about my work what I am doing and how I am doing it. So I decided to go out for a walk to try and clear my head so I could sleep. I walked around for about an hour I took my camera with me to get a few photos.

I was so quite there seamed to be no one around and the air had a strange feel to it which was in a way comforting. I could sense that the clouds were low and at any time it could start snowing again at any time. With the snow covering everything which it could cling to and the snow clouds so low made it feel as if i was walking in a bubble or a giant snow globe. There was hardly any noise apart from the crunch of my foot steps which was strangely satisfying to here. I just walked and listened to the snow underneath my feet, taking in the atmosphere. Everything was wrapped in a blanket of snow as I was walking I did not notice at all how it cleared my mind it was peaceful.

When started to walk back the snow started to fall but it was OK I had cleared my head and now ready for bed.

The Next Day

The Next day I was up early, it was cold but peaceful and clear.

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