Saturday, 9 May 2009

Drawing Workshop

Out side Drawings

These are some of the drawings That did out side, they are not as detailed as they could be as I was timing myself as I was drawing. All from the secret Garden.

This drawing above has been drawn in the space of 4 minuets I also took a photo of what I was drawing fr my own record. A old water tap out side the old green house in the secret garden.

This drawing took about 8 minuets i stayed in the same spot but just turned to a different direction to draw what was in from of me, in this image it was Emma some trees and part of the old green house .

This is some daffodils which were scattered all over the secret garden with the odd blue bells in inbetween them, this drawing took 2 minuets.

This drawing was of a stack of old bricks all part broken and discoloured but they had lots of things growing from them in the cracks. This drawing took about 6 minuets to do. This was also the last drawing that I did and it became quite important to me as it reminded me of how natural elements, nature plants things which have life and grow are considerably important to me.

The fact that these bricks had just been stacked and left for a while to weather had created the perfect spot for things like weds to attach them self onto and grow. I am so inspired by this type of growth, how nature will still fight on and grow around what ever has been dumped in her way.

We create boundaries for mother nature and yet she will still find the odd crack to grow from, I have always been inspired by working within my own boundaries and constants and it is refreshing to see it from a more natural point of view. such as weds growing through concrete.
Plus it reminds me of what is important to me. . . . . . . . . . . .

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