Saturday, 9 May 2009



I thought I would just take some time to reflect on the work I have been doing so far and my thoughts at this point. . . . . .

I am wanting to create LARGE SCALE objects for the decoration of open space. Insulations that people can engage in, touch walk around and experience the objects. I feel this will make much more of an impact if it were large scale objects, shapes, forms.

I have been mainly preparing my found waste matirials, organising what I can do with what. sorting through all the plastic bags I have to use and logging them.
I have been going through all the video tapes I have logging the different types that I have, organizing them to b used for different things... . . . .

I have been making the the video tape and plastic bags in to a thread form so I can use it to knit with and stitch, from this i have been making samples to understand the matirials properties; what will work and what will not work.

I have been creating my own French knitting contraption so I can create small but also large scale French knitting and thinking of ways to shape and place the finished piece.

Constantly sourceing matirials as well as organising them and preparing them to be transformed in to something other than what it is. . . . . . .

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